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Introducing The CycleTan

Breakfast in Xiangkhouang

August 2019

The motivation for starting this blog is that we're about to set off on a new venture. We've been based in Malawi, in Southern Central Africa for the past few years, and for a variety of reasons, we'll be heading back to our home in the Highlands of Scotland for a wee while. We’ve been away for about 8 years and need to stock up on midges, darkness, and horizontal rain, before we’re ready for the tropics again.

The main idea of the blog is to share this trip, and eventually other trips (when we’re a bit better organised). Also it would be nice if we could provide some top tips and handy hints to other people who might fancy a slice of life on a bike. Alternatively, we aim to review some of our gear to (hopefully) save a bit of money for those who are considering replacing or adding to their store of bike gear. This is our first bash at sharing, so feedback would be nice and helpful.

Of course the sensible thing to do would be to jump on a plane in Lilongwe, and arrive back at some time the following day. But...of course, we have our bikes and all of our cycle touring kit here with us, and it seems like it would be fun to turn the pedals once more.

Sunset on Lake Malawi

Heading Out of Africa

We have a loose plan at the moment; we're heading north up Lake Malawi to the Tanzanian border. At the border, we head north and then east towards Dar es Salaam, before hopefully finishing at Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean. From Zanzibar, we are planning to fly to the south of Spain, fiddling our way north until we hit France. From France, we will hopefully have a southwesterly at our back until we hit the channel. From there, we aim to speed through England to the Borders, where we anticipate the weather will be glorious in December.

We expect to catch up with friends in the central belt before heading north. The only complication is that our house is rented out, so we need to find somewhere to live along the way.


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