What is Cycle Tan?

Well, it's mostly a bit of fun... and of course some chat about trips, gear, and life on a bike.

Who are we?

We're a couple of people, who are of a certain age, who've been spending the last couple of decades having as much fun, and travelling around, as much as we can afford... nowadays mostly on two wheels. We enjoy biking, travelling, and love life on the road.

Our home is in the Scottish Highlands, but we have been away for some time. In the last wee while we have been living in Nepal, Spain, France, and finally Africa, where we have been based for the past few years. We are gradually heading home, at least for a time, and part of the idea for the blog is to share the trip.

Why Cycle Tan? 


Yeah well, for those who ride bikes... (we look really funny in bathing costumes, just like you!)